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Alissa  Rees


First I wanted to develop the perfect portable IV-pole before I would hand it over to another company. Now it is ready! let’s make this available for the patients as soon as possible.

Compilation video Rees
Thanks to DWDD, Tijd voor Max, Jinek, Hart van Nederland, Antenna Program, At5 and VPRO

Trial 2018
Currently a trial of the IV-Walk took place in OLVG East, a hospital based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. So much positive feedback! Thanks to Vrienden van OLVG en Eurocept Homecare.

Baby Farm Toys
Toys you can stuff with Soil, Wool and Straw to strengthen the immune system of your child.


Vastgelegde tijd- Frozen time
Cruelty and beauty. Frustration and romance. We can’t accept short duration.

Overbrug verhalen – Stimulating citizens to bike by interactive audio stories
The audio stories on the App ‘Overbrug Verhalen’ interact with the reality along the way, like objects, nature and buildings. The stories stimulate citizens to bicycle the lifeless roads in the Netherlands.

‘Ik zie ik zie wat jij niet ziet’
A young boy takes pictures of his surroundings to give his imprisoned father a room with a view.
The fragile self made go kart by Alissa Rees plays a functional role in her movie.

Me as environment
An unusual walk trough Amsterdam East. To have a better connection with my environment I took the litter and plants with me during the walk. A different connection, experience and view to look at trash in a fashionable way.

Doe markt
classes where Alissa Rees guided  neighbours from ‘Amsterdam Nieuw West’ in the development of their product.

‘Ni hao are you’
Training Dutch pronunciation of the ‘G’, ‘L’ and ‘R’ for Chinese immigrants.


Emma Radio
A song made for Emma radio by Alissa Rees. A radio which was born during the graduation show of the Design Academy Eindhoven 2013. Thanks to the song ‘Survivor’ from Destiny Child.
To find more interviews held by Alissa Rees and more creative episodes of Emma radio, check their website: www.designacademy.nl/emma

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  1. Vincent de Boer

    Heel erg leuk, als een engel van oost verzamel je alle troepjes en neem je mee op je strooptocht, de dans met de vuilnismannen is wel een beetje een stijlbreuk maar gelukkig happy ending. keep on walking! XXX ps mooi camera werk!

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