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Baby Farm Toys

Baby Farm Toys


After critical illness, Alissa Rees received a total new immune system at the age of 21. Because of this unique experience she became aware of the fact how valuable a good working immune system is. She realized that if we want to develop our immune system to the fullest we need to be exposed to a wide diversity of microbes.

Especially for children in the early years, contact with microbes is of great importance. This contact reduces the risk of developing diseases and allergies such as asthma, inflammatory bowel and hay fever. However, in cities babies and children do not get in contact with a wide diversity of microbes, for most of the diversity can only be found in the countryside.

This is why Rees created the ‘Baby Farm Toys’. Toys that you can stuff with materials such as straw, wool and soil, originated from the biological farm ‘T Hoogeveld located in Eelde, Drenthe (The Netherlands). Rees tries to make parents aware of the benefits these precious microbes have.
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