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scream the field

scream the field

In cities, institutions and even in our own houses we are often not allowed to scream at the top of our lungs. We will be judged, feared or labelled. By placing simple but pure scream objects in the fields, Alissa Rees creates space to release emotions on an unknown level and to experience the freedom of our own voice.

THE BEGINNING OF THE SCREAM (and this project)

Together with my father I cycled trough the centre of Amsterdam. On the road, bodies hastily slid along each other and the inhabitants were focused on themselves or their destination. My dad, who has been always different then others (that makes him fit to the image of an artist) made his voice ready to make a loud sound that one would assume as the sound of a rooster. Heads were turned and indignant and surprised glances were facing in our direction. In fact a simple loud noise, that departs from the normal noises on the street, caused many reactions.

When I was a child, I felt ashamed when my father did something like this. Now I got a stuffy feeling of the idea that we are not able to scream or talk loudly. Not in the centre of our city, institutions or even in our own houses. There is simply no space and we will be judged and labelled immediately.

This all will keep us from doing it. I am convinced that in this hastily society nowadays, we have to sometimes release ourselves, also in the area of our own voice. A starting point for a new project.


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