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porcelain bag

porcelain bag


In a poetic way the bag collection ‘bottom up’ shows the fragile but strong moments in Rees her health. The hand painted scenes on the bottom are referring to her hours of starring to the ceiling during her prolonged lying, her so called ‘new angle’.

Hospitals do not use the ceiling in any way. That is why Rees want to appreciate the unvalued sides of objects. This resulted in bags where the bottom is painted in dreamy scenes.

Rees uses on the first sight impossible combination of material and function. Porcelain seems fragile, as well as her body at that moment, but is strong in different ways.

The Jingdezhen porcelain, leather and metal are finding their strength and beauty.

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fashion show ACEC
Foto: Gerard Oltmans
Fashion show ACEC Apeldoorn