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harvesting the dew

harvesting the dew

Some call it raindrops other call it diamonds. One way or another for Rees it’s an inspiring source for a mysterious event. With three fellow students the harvest event ‘The truth of dew’ was realized. The feast starts early in the morning on an open field. In order to collect the fresh dew the participators drag a tool consisting out of copper and cloth along the grass.

After collecting the drops they enjoy their harvest by having breakfast and drinking their self made dew tea.  In this way the morning dew becomes a tool to connect strangers, get them out of their daily routine and bring their bodies in contact with nature. This experience of connecting gives them an unique memory, which at the end we all want to collect in our
short moment of existence.

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Het Oogsten van de Dauw

Verward door de vroege maar verfriste ochtend
Glijden onze lichamen langs de verwilderde planten
En weten wij stijlvol te oogsten:
Het gegeven vocht van de natuur

Alissa Rees