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How to stimulate citizens to keep on cycling a boring road.

How to stimulate citizens to keep on cycling a boring road.

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How can we stimulate citizens to keep on cycling a boring road towards the city?

The diverse audio stories on the App ‘Overburg Verhalen’, are helping bicyclers to bridge the lifeless roads in the Netherlands.

By creating audio stories that interact with the reality along the way, like objects and buildings, the travel gets another dimension. A lively story appears on the lifeless roads.

As a first research area, the lifeless road between the bridges Enneus Heerma brug and Amsterdamse brug was analysed. Less and less citizens of Ijburg are taking the bicycle towards the center. Although the road is not that long, mentally to bridge this road (and cross two bridges) are holding citizens back to go by bike.

How can we stimulate the citizens from Ijburg to keep on cycling towards the city?

By photographing all the trash a long the way, and dividing them in categories, lots of stories were born. Those stories were used as an inspiration for audio stories as long as the road takes towards the center. With an application, you can choose your time, morning, afternoon or evening , your season you are in at the moment: spring, summer, autumn or winter. Even the genre can be chosen to make the story as real as possible. The audio story will stop at the moment you reach the center. In this way stories will help you to dream away, time will speed up and fantasy will grow along this lifeless roads.


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