LAST, violence of violet

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Alissa Rees en Billie van Katwijk felt the need to broaden the common vision of flowers being soft and feminine. The beautiful figurative and non-figurative patterns are created in a cruel way by using intensive hammering on a folded sheet to capture the colour and/or shape of the flowers. This action brings a personal emotion of the hammerer in the shapes. This new way of ‘painting’ the cloth brings unpredicted patterns. The many different flowers and once in a while a vegetable, all have their own brightness, shapes and ephemerality. During the research we found the right flowers and vegetables to have a long stay waterproof coloured cloth. This process can be used as decoration for example napkins, bags, tablecloths or dresses.


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The process of hammering can also be used as a social concept, the many flowers after funerals or cremations can not be taken home, to express the sorrow and to maintain the given flowers, it can be hammered into a white cloth. As a ritual after the ceremony. For the visualization of this concept watch the movie below.

‘Vastgelegde tijd’. Concept movie.

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 a workshop from Violence of the Violet in which our unique pressing technique is being shared. With hammers and flowers!


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