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balance your bead
animal touch
violence of violet
porcelain bag
me as environment
harvesting the dew
lifeless roads
emma radio

Human and Hospital

Humanising of the white building Alissa Rees utilised her rare combination of being both a former leukaemia patient and a current designer to create a book full of concepts to reach her so called ‘humanised hospital’. In combination with her ...

IV-Walk alissa rees


IV-Walk is a portable IV-Pole that stimulates the mobility in hospitals with the aim to accelerate recovery of the patient. Instead of the cold metal pole, the IV-Walk is soft and flexible. The product allows patients to walk around more freely, ...



HOSPICHIC is a set of four elements that enable an atmospheric dinner in hospital. It demonstrates how little we need to create a warm environment in a sterile room. According to Rees we underestimate the power of atmosphere to accelerate ...


Baby Farm Toys

After critical illness, Alissa Rees received a total new immune system at the age of 21. Because of this unique experience she became aware of the fact how valuable a good working immune system is. She realized that if we want to develop our ...


balance your bead

A simple and playful object designed for people that are dealing with low energy. People with low energy are constantly balancing between being active and taking rest. This objects helps them to get an insight in their energy level. ...


scream the field

In cities, institutions and even in our own houses we are often not allowed to scream at the top of our lungs. We will be judged, feared or labelled. By placing simple but pure scream objects in the fields, Alissa Rees creates space to release ...


animal touch

In 2050 we are on our way to get alienated from our own bodies. To prevent  becoming lonely creatures, we need to start stimulating the body contact on a younger age.  ‘Animal touch’ is a small and simple way of playing and creating a strong ...

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-23 om 22.37.57

violence of violet

Alissa Rees en Billie van Katwijk felt the need to broaden the common vision of flowers being soft and feminine. The beautiful figurative and non-figurative patterns are created in a cruel way by using intensive hammering on a folded sheet to ...


porcelain bag

In a poetic way the collection 'bottom up' and 'Tiny hands' show the fragile moments in Rees her health. The hand painted scenes are referring to her so called 'new angle'  that she discovered during prolonged lying. Rees creates on the first ...


24hours hamlet

In the heather fields of Drenthe, Alissa Rees gives participants the unique experience of building their own summerhouse within 24 hours. With the availability of the simple building technique ‘string the loam’ a temporarily hamlet will arise. ...


me as environment

An unusual walk trough Amsterdam East. To have a better connection with the environment the litter and plants were taken during the walk by simply sticking it on the self made stick-suit. Beside the fact that it shows the waste that we can ...


harvesting the dew

Some call it raindrops other call it diamonds.  One way or another for Rees it’s an inspiring source for a mysterious event. With three fellow students the harvest event ‘The truth of dew' was realized. The feast starts early in the morning ...


lifeless roads

The diverse online audio stories ('Overbrug verhalen'), are helping the listeners to bridge the lifeless roads in the Netherlands. The role of the environment and the objects on the road, together with the option to choose your time and season ...


emma radio

This  radio channel provokes, amuses and presents facts and figures in a designerly way. Launching during last years Dutch Design Week and part of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, she is now back in all her glory at the graduation show 2014 with ...



'Raamzoekertje' (window seeker) A playful game for in the train, where children can check off all the objects that they can find along the way. How does it work? Choose your destination and season,  print the A4 with all the objects and animals ...

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Doe Markt

The 'Doe Markt' is workshop initiated by The Beach, company for social innovation.  The Beach helps people to develop their own product and start their own business. Alissa Rees guided people out of the 'Wildemanbuurt in Amsterdam New West, with ...


little version

   Little hand made version of the blazer by Gijs Frieling & Dries van Noten. Model:  Manu



In 2011 I received a cord blood transplant.  Not only the stem cells of the baby made me reborn. My blood, body, hair, vision and  environment were new. Inspired by my history and influenced by the present I designed myself a new birth card. ...